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PubMob session: Test Abstraction in TDD

Reap more benefits from your unit tests!

As you test-drive, you're creating a legacy of developer tests. You'll want to ensure this investment continues to pay off. Learn how to keep your tests simple and fresh with a handful of core guidelines.

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Session lead: Jeff Langr

If you scan GitHub for projects with unit tests, you’ll find that most tests leave a lot to be desired. They’re repetitive, cluttered with unnecessary detail, and in general hard to follow. “Why does this test expect the result it does?”

Chances are good your own system’s tests are similarly challenging.

Well-written tests, instead, can also act as trustworthy documents that concisely describe the unit behaviors of your system. You can read them in just moments and understand immediately the intent they describe.

In this session, you’ll learn the difference between tests that quickly pay off time & time again, versus tests that demand too much time to simply understand what they do. You’ll work through whittling some difficult tests down into simple declarations that will help everyone going forward (including you!).

Just What Is This Test Doing??