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Emily is a Technical Agile Coach with ProAgile. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, she grew up in the UK. Emily is known for her book "The Coding Dojo Handbook" and for maintaining a great variety of Code Kata exercises on her github page. Emily helps teams to learn Test-Driven Development and related iterative and incremental techniques.

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Tea and biscuits. Organized code. Technical Agile Coaching.

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Introduction to Approval Testing

Get started testing sooner with approvals tests

Instead of writing a lot of assertions, Approval Testing gives you another approach. You print the state of the object you want to check, and verify it against a previously approved version. Any difference fails the test. It's a great technique for example when the existing code lacks test cases and has poor structure, making adding unit tests challenging. You might call that "legacy code."

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Upcoming sessions: 2020-11-20T14:30Z, 2020-12-18T14:30Z

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