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Welcome to Agile Apple Ale

Test-infected for two decades in the Apple ecosystem

Your session lead: Jon Reid

About Jon

Jon has been practicing test-driven development for nearly two decades. Most of this experience has been in Apple environments. So when he started iOS coding ten years ago, it was only natural for him to use TDD. Jon is the author of iOS Unit Testing by Example and is a technical agile coach focusing on iOS teams.

About Agile Apple Ale

Our fun, friendly pub is at the corner of PubMob and Apple. If you’re an iOS developer, come on in! You’ll encounter techniques that are uncommon in the iOS developer community.

Unit testing, TDD, and refactoring… on Apple platforms.

Jon's Books

iOS Unit Testing by Example: XCTest Tips and Techniques in Swift

Jon's PubMob Sessions

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Intro to TDD — From Zero to FizzBuzz

Red-Green-Refactor and the Three Laws of TDD

Let’s use the simplest programming puzzle, FizzBuzz, to learn the fundamentals of test-driven development. By simplifying the problem, we can concentrate on the nuances of what goes into TDD. You’ll experience the Red-Green-Refactor cycle, and the Three Laws of TDD.

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TDD Paint by Numbers in Xcode

Learn the Red-Green-Refactor cycle of TDD, without writing the tests.

Learn TDD the easy way with a TDD Paint by Numbers session. The tests are already written for you! You'll work in the production code. Since the tests are written, you’ll experience the meaty payoff of TDD. Namely, adding new behavior incrementally, and refactoring to keep the code clean.

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Upcoming sessions: Please check back later

About Quality Coding, Inc.

Quality Coding is here to equip your iOS team in technical agile practices. Because you can only be as agile as your code lets you be.

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