#PubMob: A free taste of mob programming

Want to try sitting in on an actual mob programming session at no cost? Join the weekly #PubMob session, currently held for two hours each Friday. These sessions, which started in early April 2020 as a reaction to COVID-19, provide a way of exploring how to make remote mob programming successful while focusing on various software development exercises.

#PubMob exercises touch on numerous topics that include refactoring, code design, legacy code, TDD, approvals testing, code coverage, IDEs, testing in general, and more. We retrospect on the sessions regularly and run frequent experiments as a result.

The success of these weekly sessions led to the creation of #PubMob will always remain free and informal; it is effectively run by the attendees themselves (not We direct you to #PubMob to learn about mob programming first-hand, so that you can feel more comfortable trying out some of the sessions. The opposite is not true: #PubMob does not exist to lure people to; is not advertised in the #PubMob sessions.

If you’re interested in joining a #PubMob session, look for hashtag #PubMob on Twitter or contact @jlangr to be added to the email distribution.