Remote collaborative software development / training

Welcome to a new world for software development. Join the PubMob experience and tap into the expertise of a productive worldwide community of software developers. Be part of a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding virtual collaborative development experience!

PubMob provides you with hands-on opportunities to learn by doing, and to do by collaborating online. Join a virtual PubMob session run by an experienced session lead who will guide you and up to five other developers.

Your session lead is one of a number of virtual PubMob pub owners who will be providing short sessions focused on either helping you learn new technologies & techniques, or on helping you build something. Come see what we have on tap!


Join a mob! Learn new techniques and technologies from pub session leads who know how to serve up their craft--from coding to testing to actual brewing. Experience the boisterous but safe feeling of a mob--the best way to build software as a team--without having to wear a mask. More »

PubMob Private

Your team wants to get unblocked so they can deliver. Give them the gift of Private PubMob, where they can focus on the challenge at hand as a team. They will appreciate being to reach for training, coaching, debugging, or help with building their code--just in time to help meet the challenge. More »

PubMob Private
Why Mob Programming
Why Mob Programming?

Remote work is challenging. You've been isolated from teammates for months. You crave social interaction.

You need to build high quality products and deliver them in a timely fashion. You want to love what you do.

Build on the strengths of others. Build a real team. Relish the experience. More »

What to Expect / How to Get Ready

To make the most out of your PubMob session, you'll want to ensure you're ready to hit the ground running. That means getting your machine set up for the session, if needed, and understanding what the PubMob experience is like.

Our instructors will be using one of a few simple remote programming techniques to allow you to easily participate in the session. Take a moment to read about setting up for PubMob and what to expect. More »

Outsourced software development

Join us for PubMob each Friday for remote mob challenges and experiences. Follow Jeff Langr on Twitter for details.

(posted Apr 24, 2020)

Listen to episode 32 of Agile in 3 Minutes, in which Amitai Schleier answers the question, “How can your team become more capable and predictable?” A core nugget: mob programming, per Amitai, is an important shift from “collaborating often to collaborating always.”

(posted Sep 11, 2020)

The current edition of Agile Curated, a weekly newsletter featuring “the most interesting stories in Agile,” is brought to you by PubMob. (Thanks for the kind words, Jess!) You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter by providing your email address.

Featured in the current issue of Agile Curated, you’ll find links to articles including one on estimation by Mike Cohn, one on microservices from Kent Beck, and one discussing how to assess different types of dependencies in agile (and in life). You’ll also be pointed to a couple podcasts, including one on the value of practice in agile as well as one that talks about Skills Matrix.

Agile Curated also contains links to agile-relevant jobs, and you can request to have your opening posted as well. Subscribe today and stay atop the world of agile!

(posted Oct 07, 2020)