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PubMob session: Legacy Open Source Fridays

Modernize some famous Open Source legacy code.

Two decades ago, a lone-genius project made the internet more secure and inspired a generation of programmers. Two years ago, it came back to life as a collaborative effort. This historically significant codebase needs plenty of mending and many new features, while also presenting some unusual constraints to focus our decision-making. Contribute to Open Source, enjoy the cumulative effect of your efforts, and gain new insights into your own legacy code.

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Session lead: Amitai Schleier

(Don’t know C? Neither did I, until I met this code. You know languages inspired by C. I’m quite sure you’ll be able to understand, contribute, learn, and enjoy, or your money back. Please keep reading.)

“If you work with legacy code, don’t miss this! Or if you work with code of any sort, you’re likely to learn something useful.”
Esther Derby

When you work with legacy code, your every move fraught with extra risk, it can be difficult to make room to experiment and learn. When you live in a codebase, over time it can even become difficult to perceive opportunities for experiments and learning.

This is especially unfortunate, because it’s precisely legacy code – valuable code that we’re afraid to change – that places the most strenuous demands on your perceptual acuity, your creativity, and your ruthlessly disciplined outcome-focused learning.

It’s time to take your head for a stroll.

“Learn together with awesome people.”
Butch Howard

Play with someone else’s legacy code, accompanied by an experienced guide. Encounter some familiar puzzles and some novel ones. See things you might not otherwise see. Try things you might not otherwise try. Meet some unusual compatibility constraints you might never otherwise meet. Practice the legacy-code improvement loop: narrow the decision space, weigh the remaining options, and take the next sensible step. Ship meaningful improvements to software that’s publicly available and widely valued. Feel pride in your contribution and in our progress from week to week. Sharpen your vision, refresh your cleverness, stretch, reenergize. Then return to your own code with new insights and confidence to find new ways forward.

“A great opportunity to learn technical excellence with one of the best out there. At the lower rate, it’s a no-brainer.”
Ryan Ripley

Upon the conclusion of our very first Legacy Open Source Friday, three participants immediately registered for every available session in the booking system. One of them told me:

“You have a good vision and confidence in the project. That energy is contagious. Everyone felt the excitement.”

Feedback from another:

“Amitai is kind, knowledgeable, resourceful, well prepared and just plain interesting. I love that I have the opportunity to learn and be mentored by him.”


“I am really enjoying this as much as I enjoy hanging out with friends in a bar.”

That’s PubMob for you. See for yourself what the excitement is all about. One of these Fridays, join us.