PubMob session: Design Reviews

Get an outside perspective on your design ideas

  • Identify patterns in your design to simplify and clarify code
  • Improve the testability of your designs to help automate validation
  • Examine the context and motivation around your design decisions
  • Suggest design alternatives to accommodate future changes
  • Clarify your domain model so it’s easier to understand and change
  • Cohesively instantiate objects to reduce coupling throughout the system
  • Implement alternative design solutions to resolve longstanding problems

Upcoming sessions: 2020-11-11T19:00Z

Session lead: David Bernstein

TDD, design patterns, domain modeling, and refactoring

1hr 15min

$95 / attendee

I’ve helped design dozens of successful products and services in a diverse range of industries. I have extensive experience working with design patterns and architecting a variety of systems, from embedded to the enterprise, and custom apps to operating systems.