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PubMob session: TDD Paint by Numbers

Your first TDD experience: Learn refactoring & the Red-Green-Refactor Cycle.

Learn TDD the easy way with a TDD Paint by Numbers session, where the tests are already written for you--you fill in the code and keep it in the confines of the tests. Sessions are continually available in numerous programming languages, and I'll be keeping the katas fresh.

Upcoming sessions: Please check back later

Session lead: Jeff Langr

TDD Paint by Number sessions are gentle introductions to TDD. You and your co-mobbers will take turns getting tests to pass. This will allow you to quickly ingrain the red-green-refactor rhythm of TDD without having to know how to code the tests, or even what tests to code next. This gentler approach will allow you to focus on the meaty payoff of TDD–being able to incrementally add new behaviors and keep the codebase clean through refactoring.

Since we’ll be all working on the same codebase, scheduled sessions show the programming language and compiler version you’ll need. You’ll also see which exercise you’ll get to participate in.

Your session lead will provide you with specific build instructions to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running.