PubMob session: TDD Paint by Numbers in Xcode

Learn the Red-Green-Refactor cycle of TDD, without writing the tests.

Learn TDD the easy way with a TDD Paint by Numbers session. The tests are already written for you! You'll work in the production code. Since the tests are written, you’ll experience the meaty payoff of TDD. Namely, adding new behavior incrementally, and refactoring to keep the code clean.

Upcoming sessions: 2020-10-17T20:00Z

Session lead: Jon Reid

TDD Paint by Numbers is a great way to learn test-driven development without the test part. The tests are already written for you, so you’ll get to experience TDD without writing the tests. You and the others in this session will take turns getting tests to pass, then cleaning up the code.

So you’ll learn: The red-green-refactor cycle of TDD / How to focus on getting from red to green / Disciplined refactoring: moving in small, verified steps

We’ll be working on the same codebase, using Swift on Xcode 12.

Your session lead will provide you with specific build instructions to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running.