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A PubMob is a live (and lively) short, remote, and hands-on experience. In a PubMob, you’ll learn by doing–with your hands driving the keyboard, based on directions from the mob. You’ll then shift from the driver’s seat into the role of navigator, as you join the rest of the mob in helping the next driver decide where to go next, and in understanding the turns needed to get there.

Why PubMob is awesome for learning

PubMob sessions are kept short in order to provide you with just-in-time learning. Rather than listen to an instructor describe how to do something, then struggle through exercises on your own, PubMob sessions have you doing hands-on work in minutes. As a driver, you’ll learn to translate concepts and directions into code. As part of the mob, you’ll bolster your learning by talking drivers through implementing the current concepts being taught.

Why PubMob is awesome for collaborative work

PubMob uses mob programming as its primary mechanism in order to capitalize on the “wisdom of the crowd.” Rather than leave team members to struggle alone in their cube, mob programming has us increase our effectiveness by learning to harness the power of true, actively collaborating teams.

No other practice builds as solid and cohesive a team in as short a time as mob programming.

Why PubMob is low-stress

As a driver, you can relax and focus on just listening and getting to the destination safely. The mob will be worrying about the directions. You’re never in a hot seat: Drivers aren’t expected to have the answers, they’re expected to listen and translate the directions into code.

You might be a little nervous the first time driving, but there’s no reason to be (particularly since you’ll only be in the driver’s seat for a few minutes). The mob will guide you through the steps you need to take, in as detailed a manner as you need.

Why PubMob is productive

With mob programming, we work on one thing at a time as a team. Splitting up and having each team member work on separate items may seem like a good idea, but it creates a significant amount of overhead and cost. Mob programming, in contrast, speeds us up by minimizing:

  • Coordination meetings (iteration planning, daily stand-ups)

  • Incorrect speculation about future work

  • Managing how we collaborate (meetings, pairing coordination, etc.)

  • Context-switching and interruptions

  • Reworking of badly-designed solutions

  • Poorly-expressed code that costs dear time to understand

  • Deviation from standards

  • New team member ramp-up

  • Learning time for new technologies & challenges

  • The number of defects

  • Review & rework processes

  • Time lost from missing information

  • Estimates

  • Festering interpersonal issues

  • Tolerance for ineffective ways of working

  • Drudgery

Why PubMob is fun

With each PubMob session, you’ll have an opportunity to learn from cool folks in the industry, get your hands dirty, meet a handful of peers, and help others through their learning journey. PubMob sessions are social, engaging, and rewarding. A PubMob is also a low-stress and safe environment. Most importantly, PubMob learning is effective and efficient.