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PubMob Private

Bring the PubMob experience to your company or team.

PubMob Private

Private development sessions

Want to help rev up your team’s energy and productivity? A PubMob Private session will help provide your team with the expertise they can use–now–and the perspective of a seasoned coach who can spot things sometimes harder to see from where the team sits.

Your session lead will coordinate the PubMob’s activities and also participate fully in your sessions, as both driver and navigator. As with all PubMob sessions, everyone will get equal hands on the keyboard, and the team will quickly ramp up in their ability to help each driver become more productive.

PubMob Private is ideal for helping existing teams cohere and level-up more junior members. Mobbers regularly tell us that sessions fly by and they get a pile done. Teams who embrace mob programming outside of PubMob are more excited to show up for work each morning.

PubMob can help create a safe working space for your entire team.

We have a “Quick NDA Form” ready to sign to ensure you protect your IP.