PubMob is on indefinite hiatus.
Check back later.

About PubMob

Our pub mob session leads.

Each of our PubMob public sessions is run by a session lead with extensive experience in helping development teams deliver high-quality software.

Grab a seat in the Tavern and learn about software testing, test automation and performance testing
Join the action in David's pub: software design, legacy code, and more.
Mobbing, Testing and Refactoring.
Join a lively mob and learn from a veteran developer and author. TDD, design, legacy, BDD, more!
Software development from discovery through delivery
Unit testing, TDD, and refactoring… on Apple platforms.
Nice code you got there. Be a shame if something good didn't happen to it.
Drop in and Dev Up! Discover quick and easy things you can use immediately.
Stay on your toes in Skylar's Saloon as he teaches you core dev and outcome-based techniques.