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About Amitai

I help teams learn to deliver more effectively by growing together. In 20 years comprising global finance, startups, agriculture, universities, and nonprofits, I've managed products, projects, and people; engineered code, tests, and releases; deployed and operated production systems; provided phone and desk support; and listened to, empathized with, and improved the lot of folks in all of these roles.

About Amitai's Associates

Great learning experiences happen when we work together in real code, thoughtfully prepared.

Nice code you got there. Be a shame if something good didn't happen to it.

You may know me from my Coding Tour (mostly in Germany).

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Legacy Open Source Fridays

Modernize some famous Open Source legacy code.

Two decades ago, a lone-genius project made the internet more secure and inspired a generation of programmers. Two years ago, it came back to life as a collaborative effort. This historically significant codebase needs plenty of mending and many new features, while also presenting some unusual constraints to focus our decision-making. Contribute to Open Source, enjoy the cumulative effect of your efforts, and gain new insights into your own legacy code.

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Strangle Your Legacy Code

Extend the useful life of valuable software when it's hard to change....

This hands-on session is for developers who work with valuable code that doesn't feel easy or safe to change. That's a lot of us. We'll get to know the Strangler application pattern by test-driving new features into real (and semi-famous) legacy code -- without needing to touch that code at all. By the end of the session, we're familiar with the basic workings of a Strangler, when to consider using one, and what to watch out for when we do.

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Upcoming sessions: Please check back later

legacy code, refactoring, strangler application pattern, design, evolutionary design, testing, and TDD

1hr 15min

$95 / attendee

About Latent Agility

I offer a rare combination of technical coaching and influential conversations.

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