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Welcome to The jbrains Experience, Pub-Style

An Agile Coach who's actually Agile and actually a Coach.

Your session lead: J. B.

About J. B.

I'd love nothing more than to help you enjoy your work more, feel more satisfaction from it, and show the world just how great you can be... on your terms.

About The jbrains Experience, Pub-Style

Hi, folks! I’m jbrains and I’d like to help you deliver better results with less stress.

I began my career—never mind how long ago!—as a programmer, but I didn’t stop there. Although I’ve expanded my view of software development, I remain a programmer at heart and continue to see the world of software development as a programmer. I think like a programmer, but I have learned how to speak the languages of business, personal development, and harmonious interaction. I would like our sessions to reflect that.

Evolutionary design. Not just coding. Less stress.

I wrote JUnit Recipes. I spoke for 7 minutes and 26 seconds. Writing code is just the beginning.

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Evolutionary Design Without Tests

Sometimes you just want to see the design evolve.

Let's see how safely and deftly we can move without tests. We'll focus on guiding the design to evolve and we'll write the tests in our heads. We're professionals; we can trust each other.

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Refactoring Java

Java isn't going anywhere, so let's make it better!

Strengthen and deepen your skill in evolutionary design by practising in Java. There's plenty of Java code that needs refactoring. We'll never run out of examples.

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Upcoming sessions: Please check back later

design, evolutionary design, refactoring, testing, and functional programming

1hr 15min

$49 / attendee


At we value lightweight approaches to delivering software. What's the least we can do to deliver great results? And which results do we truly care about, anyway? We aim for a truly lightweight approach: to do what we need while relentlessly figuring out what we don't need and supporting each other to have the courage not to do those things.