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Living & loving software development for decades

Your session lead: Jeff Langr

About Jeff

Jeff has been building software professionally since 1982. He's written five books and contributed to Clean Code. Jeff is the owner of Langr Software Solutions.

About Jeff's Place

Over the past few years, Jeff has been doing an increasing amount of mob programming with his students and customers. The results are unanimously positive: students stay engaged and teams remain focused.

Your session with Jeff will be a reflection of the interests and learning style of the mob as a whole, but chances are good it’ll be a lively and memorable event.

If the mob is a bit shy, we’ll move toward a strict navigator role, where requests funnel through a single navigator. This will ensure everyone starts to feel comfortable with talking others through the concepts we’re learning.

Join a lively mob and learn from a veteran developer and author. TDD, design, legacy, BDD, more!

Reach new peaks with our training.

Jeff's Books

Essential Java Style: Patterns for Implementation Agile Java: Crafting Code With Test-Driven Development Agile in a Flash: Speed-Learning Agile Software Development Modern C++ Programming with Test-Driven Development: Code Better, Sleep Better Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java 8 with JUnit

Jeff's PubMob Sessions

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Experienced mobbers


From Mob to Symphony: A Mob Composing Workshop

Not a programmer? Learn firsthand the joy of a PubMob. Come compose...

Mob programming is 'everyone in a room working on the same thing at the same time,' per Woody Zuill. Outrageous! Yet teams find mob programming a fun way to collaboratively build and deliver high-quality software. Some teams even say they go faster.

In this session, we'll mob to collaboratively compose a short song. Even if you know little about music, you'll feel firsthand how participating in a mob can reduce your anxiety and help you contribute quickly.

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Legacy Dependency Breaking Techniques

Simple techniques to break dependencies making it hard to test

Pick up a few techniques to fix common dependency challenges in your code, things that make it seem impossible to write unit tests.

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TDD Paint by Numbers

Your first TDD experience: Learn refactoring & the Red-Green-Refactor Cycle.

Learn TDD the easy way with a TDD Paint by Numbers session, where the tests are already written for you--you fill in the code and keep it in the confines of the tests. Sessions are continually available in numerous programming languages, and I'll be keeping the katas fresh.

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Upcoming sessions: Please check back later

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Langr Software Solutions provides training, coaching, and development services for software development teams.

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