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Skylar Watson is a software consultant and agile coach who implements high-value software to satisfy customer's needs. Skylar works with companies both domestically and internationally, assisting in adopting agile software practices. As a coach, Skylar works with both leadership and developers to assure the organization that their business outcomes are driving the transformation.

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Stay on your toes in Skylar's Saloon as he teaches you core dev and outcome-based techniques.

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Branching By Abstraction

Learn how to make small incremental changes during large refactorings.

By creating branches to house large changes, you begin to venture away from continuous integration. What if you could still continuously integrate your code when working on such refactors?

In this session, we'll take a “monolith” and extract functionality into a smaller micro-service while maintaining frequent and small commits.

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Outcome Metrics

Learn what metrics are valuable to measure and lead to eliminating waste....

Whereas output metrics (such as stories completed per week) measure aspects of a team’s localized productivity, outcome metrics (such as how much these features increase customer productivity) measure the difference the teams’ work makes in the world.

Focus on output metrics can lead to increased waste and unnecessary stress, and distracts the organization from achieving more valuable outcomes.

In this session, through group exercises, you’ll see how you can better measure and improve your organization’s effectiveness by focusing on outcomes.

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