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PubMob what to expect

What to expect: Remote control with AnyDesk

Remote control

During a PubMob session using remote control, you'll have minimal setup and almost nothing will be happening on your machine. Instead, the session lead will provide a hosted solution that you connect to. Your session lead will provide you with all the information you need about how to enter information, build, and run tests.

How does remote control work?

it just does

How do I get ready?

nothing? almost nothing? is there a way to test the connection first?

Participants who have connection issues to the remote machine will be asked to fall back to remotely-controlling the machine of your session lead using Zoom remote control. As a result, you'll probably experience a little bit of lag when you type.

One-chance setup / fallback rule

The first time you drive, you'll be asked to try typing remotely onto the AnyDesk host. Occasionally there are connectivity or keyboard issues with doing so. If at first you're unsuccessful, your session lead will attempt to help you resolve the problem. If you're unsuccessful, you'll be asked to type onto the session lead's machine using Zoom's remote control capability for the remainder of the session.

Trade-offs for remote control with AnyDesk


  • Virtually no setup or installation required

  • Rapid handovers.

  • Puts the burden on the host to worry about build, test, and configuration issues.

  • The experience looks the same to everyone for the entire session.


  • Some mild lag potential while typing.

  • Spotty internet connection can cause disconnects.

  • Potential keyboard mismatch issues.

  • Potentially unfamiliar IDE / key mapping experience.

Remote control with AnyDesk is ideal for the short sessions that PubMob offers, putting all the burden for session preparation on your session lead. You might be giving up your comfortable development environment for a short while, but you'll be hands-on immediately with minimal worries.

PubMob what to expect