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PubMob what to expect

What to expect: Collaboration using mural


When using Mural, the shared board is in a browser. One person (the driver) shares their browser. The driver will be editing a text box on the board. Everyone has the ability to edit the board simultaneously. Non-drivers should avoid editing the text box the driver is editing.

How does Mural handover work?

You will be given a link at the beginning of a session to a shared board. Alternatively, you can use your own Mural board.

For a sample in-progress PubMob session:

  • At the end of the agreed-upon driver time (for example, 3 minutes), the current driver stops editing the text box and unshares their screen.

  • The next driver shares their screen and starts editing a text box based on directions from the mob.

How do I get ready?

Sign up at Mural for a free trial. Try creating a text box and editing it. You can also try running a shared session with members of your team.

Please let us know if you're having any challenges getting set up.

One-chance setup / fallback rule

In the highly unlikely event that you're unable to use Mural during the PubMob session, the session lead and the mob will help you to set things up during your first turn as driver. If by your second round you're still unable to access Mural, you'll be able to continue actively participating in the PubMob session as a mob navigator, but you won't be able to drive.

PubMob what to expect